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Starflyer 59

Because we are all voyagers

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Welcome to the Starflyer 59 community.

If you are like me, you realize that Starflyer 59 is not just a band, it is a musical adventure. From Starflyer's first album Silver to their most recent recording Old, we have delved into sonic landscapes that are inspiring to behold. We have arrived at a wall of sound in Americana to a lushness of Leave Here a Stranger. All the while, every sounds is Starflyer 59's own.

Whether you are just a dabbler or a hardcore fan, this community is for all those who have somehow been confronted by the beauty of Starflyer 59. Here is the forum to talk about Starflyer 59. Post concert dates, talk about your appreciation, or speak about how Starflyer 59 has affected your life.